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French bulldog varieties

French Bulldogs are popular pets, loved for their affectionate and loyal nature. The breed comes in many different varieties that can be found in different colors and sizes.

Basic types
French bulldogs can basically be divided into two types:

Standard: This type is the most common and represents the standard of the breed. Standard French bulldogs are 30-35 cm high at the withers and weigh 8-14 kg.
Miniature: Miniature French Bulldogs are smaller and lighter than the standard type. Their height at the withers is 28-30 cm, and their weight is 6-8 kg.


Lilac merle French Bulldog

The purple merle French bulldog is a special and rare color variant that is unique in the world of French bulldogs. They have purple spots on their beautiful, light bodies that make them really special.
Purple Merle French Bulldogs are often confused with Blue Merle Frenchies, but there are some important differences between them. Purple merle bulldogs have a much lighter coat and more vivid markings. 
Purple Merle French Bulldogs are more expensive than other colors because they are much more difficult to produce. 
If you are looking for a truly special and unique French Bulldog, the Purple Merle may be the right choice for you. These dogs are not only beautiful, but also lovable and loyal.

Merle and Tan French Bulldog

Cubs and tan French Bulldogs are one of the most distinctive dogs in the Frenchie world! Their unique coat has two of the rarest colors for French Bulldogs: merle and tan. Their merle patches can make them even more unique, with a range of colors from black to blue to lilac. Merle and tan Frenchies often have bright blue eyes, which is a rare trait in the breed. If you're looking for a truly special Frenchie, a merle and tan might be the one for you!

Lilac and tan French Bulldog

Lilac and tan French Bulldogs, with their soft lilac coats and charming beige markings, are a sight to behold. The contrast between the two colors is particularly striking on their paws, chest, bottom, cheeks, and eyebrows, making them even more adorable. This combination of colors is quite rare, making these puppies even more sought-after.

Merle French Bulldog

Among the French Bulldog varieties, Merle Frenchies stand out for their distinctive appearance. Their light base coat is adorned with mottled patches in shades of blue, black, or lilac, creating a unique and captivating pattern. These charming dogs often possess dazzling blue eyes, a rare trait among their breed. If you're seeking a truly remarkable French Bulldog companion, a Merle Frenchie might be the perfect choice for you.

Blue and tan French Bulldog

If you're a dog enthusiast with an appreciation for distinctive and captivating breeds, you're probably familiar with the Blue and Tan French Bulldog. These adorable canines stand out not only for their charming personalities but also for their unique coat coloration. Their solid blue base color is complemented by striking beige markings adorning their paws, chest, bottom, cheeks, and eyebrows. This captivating combination has earned them a devoted following among dog lovers worldwide. Let's delve into what makes these Blue and Tan French Bulldogs so special and why they have captured the hearts of dog enthusiasts across the globe.

Lilac French Bulldog

While often confused with their blue counterparts, lilac French Bulldogs stand out as a rarer and more sought-after breed. Their distinctive pale brown or greyish coat, a result of a recessive gene, makes them instantly recognizable and highly prized among dog enthusiasts. Beyond their captivating appearance, lilac French Bulldogs possess charming personalities, characterized by loyalty, playfulness, and an unwavering fondness for their human companions. However, their rarity and unique coloration often translate into a higher price tag compared to other French Bulldog variations.

Blue French Bulldog

Blue French Bulldogs are endearing and vivacious companions renowned for their amiable and devoted personalities. Their distinguishing "bat ears" and crinkled faces render them irresistible to anyone who crosses their path. With their compact and muscular physique, characterized by a short and sturdy stature, they possess an elegant form that befits their petite size. They are also well-known for their amicable nature with children, making them an ideal choice for families. With a lifespan spanning 10 to 12 years, these blue furballs are sure to infuse your home with joy and laughter for many years to come. Whether you seek a steadfast companion or an amusing playmate, a blue French Bulldog is guaranteed to enrich your life in a remarkable way.

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If you're looking to buy a French Bulldog, it's important to research the different types and colors. You should also consider your lifestyle and needs when choosing the right dog.