Sweet Little Dumplings French Bulldog Kennel

Where Heartwarming Frenchie Adventures Begin 

Kennel and run for our Frenchies

Experience the difference: See how our puppies are raised in our green garden, full of love and care.

It's a huge space for everyone, because a healthy immune system, proper muscles and socialization are extremely important.

Our French Bulldog dogs and puppies can play as much as they want.

They live in a kennel house with the right temperature, where they spend their nights comfortably.

They have a huge, spacious playground where our French babies can comfortably roam, play and relax.

We do not use narrow cages or crates, but provide them with a comfortable environment both indoors and outdoors.

We provide a separate area for our newly born puppies to play and have fun until they reach the age where they can join their older companions.

We teach them the perfect relationship between dogs and people, including children.